Vacant Lungs

by Hideout

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matthis Straightforward and honest Melodic Hardcore from NY. This band deserves way more recognition than they currently get. Favorite track: These Young Seeds.
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released April 8, 2016

Recorded at Bluebrick Studios by Jesse Sprinkle
Mixed at S&S Studios by Gabe Solomon and Josh Swagler
Mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches
All songs written and preformed by Hideout*
*Outro written and preformed by Nathan Guarnere

Many people came together to bring life to this record. We'd like to thank the following: Danielle Hendrickson and Sarah Handley for vocal contributions, Nathan Guarnere for adding pianos, and our gang vocal group consisting of Keighty Sharkey, Spencer Chamberlain, Scott O'Dell, Jared Johnson, and everyone else above.
Thanks to our friends and families for their support and love.

Album artwork by Spencer Chamberlain



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Hideout Rochester, New York

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Track Name: Sons of Abraham
the desert in this place does not resemble home / the children here are aging from the hate they've been shown / packaged and imported, their youth has been distorted by the culture of their fathers and the sorties of drones / we're calling our time the long peace / but we've never escaped from this historical pain / the sons of abraham must see / that they're seeking absolution but are one and the same / we give our lives up as martyrs here / the writing is on the wall now / we'll be remembered as heroes here / we'll do it for those we love / i promise you my love that i'll return to you / when i've made my peace with fate and seen this calling through
Track Name: Silence/Stun
we pretend that this is justice / the millenial pet cause / but in our search for progress / have we reflected and given pause? / tape over my mouth / dont listen to my words / academia has taught you / that they do not have worth / tape over my mouth, tape over my mouth / don't listen to my words, just tape over my mouth / you're the judge and the jury / it's 1984 / you've created a filter that can't be ignored
Track Name: Canvases
i would trade all of fort knox's gold / to keep this grasp upon your soul / our lives like shoestrings intertwined / my wings are worn but you still fly / but you still fly, but you still fly / though the skies are turbulent i fly toward my refuge / i've made my mistakes / all i knew once black and white / the canvas bathed in light / i will make sure the seeds are watered / i'll try to make the forest grow / and if i come back torn and tattered / will you be standing in the grove? / my wings are worn / but you still fly
Track Name: Salary Men
i've heard the anthems of the stagnant / they set fire to my ears / their expressions, dull and vacant / their faces insincere / you can stuff your pockets till they're bursting at the seams / but when upstate gets cold / who will you grasp for heat? / your life has lost its vibrance / now you can feel your age / traded in everything you love / for status and for wage / the melting of the snow makes me feel like i could drown / but i still feel the frozen ground
Track Name: Rainier
i long for sleep / just to see you in my dreams / it's the only way i can still create memories / i fall to the ground and my faith begins to crumble / when these pillars collapse / will i find solace in the rubble? / is there a hell? / do i believe in heaven? / and when that time comes / would i even be let in? / so here i stand looking down at your grave / with a gun in my hand and death on the brain / i'm scared that i'm willing to take my life / just to find what's on the other side
Track Name: Beleaguered
with the future approaching it seems like we're set / to be impacted, distracted, beleaguered by debt / like an ingot of iron increasing in size / my legs become heavy as i swallow my pride / i drag my feet across the cold concrete / as i clock more hours and i lose more sleep / we are the sapped, we are the tired, the unfree / these heavy shackles hold us to our knees / we are the chained, we are the hollowed maple trees / we're valued only by our jobs and our degrees / i cant help but feel a sense of defeat / i know inside that this just is not me / we have all been sold / a price placed on our souls
Track Name: Valley (Acoustic)
my mistakes on the path i thought i'd made / i still refuse to face them / i still refuse to face them / despite what i've learned / im showing no concern / for living in the future / for living in the future / there's something to be said about the valley / that exists between the mountaintops
Track Name: These Young Seeds
I have become so much more than the man i was / the man who used to fill his heart with hate / i profit not / from the words that i had spoken, those that left you battered broken / and i will not reopen old wounds and i cant pretend to know your shame / another set you up for this, disparaging, contemptuous, the violence / it's hard to make it out with soul unscathed / never once a shepherd / it's easier to raise your hand than raise your son to be a man / and i will not reopen old wounds and i cant pretend to know your shame / but you must not give in to what was left for you / it's time to take back your soiled name / you must grow these young seeds /give them love / show them peace